The Synergent Story

Synergent's roots stem from it's founders' work in the field of Sustainable Development (SD) over the past ten years. In 2000, Peter Bennee and Scott Bramwell formed GrowthCycle, a unique consultancy group, with a new, holistic approach that brings all of the sectors of community development (Energy, Transportation, Communications, Education, Healthcare and Agriculture) into proper alignment with Social, Economic and Environmental systems.

Built upon the principles of collaboration, consolidation and integration, GrowthCycle has served as a common platform for individuals, communities, non-profit organizations, corporations and governments to share knowledge, consolidate resources and integrate solutions across the SD spectrum.

Energy plays a crucial role as the catalyst for all of the other sectors of community development, which are constrained and limited in the absence of available and affordable energy supply. Through years of searching for viable technologies and solutions to this challenge, GrowthCycle realized that a Smart Renewable Energy company needed to be formed - built upon SD principles, but designed for private sector innovation.

Thus, Synergent was formed in 2008, registered in the State of Utah, USA. Designed as a Renewable Energy Solutions Provider, Synergent, and it's market partners around the world, are integrating leading-edge Wind, Solar and Waste Energy technologies, to benefit both the Public and Private Sectors, from large cities to rural villages, as the world makes the shift to Renewable Energy and a more sustainable future.


Our Inspiration:

The 2005 UNDP Report  was a call to action for both public and private sectors to get serious about sustainability.

The UN Millennium Development Goals laid the groundwork for a new approach to Public/Private Partnerships based upon knowledge-sharing and capacity-building.

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