Innovation: Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most dynamic countries in the world.

Host to the largest population on the African continent and blessed with an abundance of natural resources, "Naija Power" is gaining momentum and Nigeria is attracting international attention as one of the top emerging markets on the global stage.

A new generation of leadership is reshaping policies and institutions with some of the most progressive reforms seen anywhere in the world across both public and private sectors. These changes, combined with the hopes and dreams of almost 150 million citizens, put Nigeria on a path of transformative growth.

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development are at the heart of Nigeria's new Low-Carbon Growth Strategy, and Synergent is working directly with the Federal Government to shape, implement and share the most innovative models, technologies and strategies that, together, can drive Nigeria's New Energy Economy.


The Next Generation

Nigeria is poised to reshape the African marketplace with a smart, new generation of capable, young leaders.

New Energy opportunities help to put their talent to work at home in Nigeria.