Made In Nigeria Initiative

While Renewable Energy brings it's own rewards in terms of increased energy supply and zero-emissions, the up-front costs of building Wind and Solar projects have been an obstacle to broad-scale deployment. These higher costs are a result of the labor and production costs inherent in the manufacturing process.

Currently, almost all Renewable Energy products that are used in Africa are manufactured in Europe, Asia or the USA. As a result, the more Africa deploys, the more it helps outside economies. Synergent recognizes the need to turn the tables so that the products and equipment that are used in Africa to generate clean energyare also made in Africa.

In this way, the higher up-front costs of renewables becomes a benefit as the capital spent on production is building regional capacity. Nigeria is uniquely positioned to become a regional production, distribution and training hub for other African countries and can supply and support the expected growth of renewable energy across the region through the "Made In Nigeria" Initiative.

Synergent has already begun introducing new technologies for manufacturing within Nigeria, starting with the DyoCore Micro Wind Turbine that has been optimised for the African market. Additional products that will enter production in Nigeria include portable LED lighting kits, smart battery systems and solar frame assemblies.


New Industry:

Manufacturing of new products for renewable energy can create new green-collar jobs and spark Industrial revival.

Nigeria-made wind and solar products not only help meet domestic needs, but can supply other West Afrian markets, boosting exports and overall GDP.