PowerShare Campaign

The PowerShare Campaign is a grassroots movement to share the power of renewable energy to transform local economies, restore local environments and create community enterprise. As an open model, it invites governments, banks, corporations, businesses and individuals to work together toward a secure energy future.

While providing "power" in the form of electricity is important, what that elecricity "powers" in the form of education, helathcare and agriculture is even more significant. This is the focus of the PowerShare Campaign - to measure clean energy in terms of the number of children attending school, the number of local jobs created, access to the Internet, the availability of healthcare services in local clinics, and many other indicators of sustainable community development.

Synergent's Smart Microgrids are a central part of the PowerShare Campaign, providing the tools and knowledge needed to produce, share and consume clean energy cooperatively. The Campaign is designed to bridge the gap between Government Programmes and the resources of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) such as the African Development Bank and the World Bank.

Synergent provides Microgrid equipment at reduced costs to Rural Electrification projects in Nigeria, and provides local training and "learning kits" to primary schools to foster local participation.


Rural Power

PowerShare provides tools and training for rural communities to power growth and development of their local economies.

Energy, Lighting and Water Solutions build a foundation for community infrastructure and enable cooperative ownership of shared resources.