RED Training Centers

In partnership with the National Renewable Energy Programme, Synergent is planning to build a network of Training Centers as part of the new Renewable Energy Development (RED) Initiative.

These RED Training Centers are intended to provide a range of Training and Certification courses for Commercial Engineers, Project Technicians and Equipment Installers to build over 5,000 MW of Clean Energy Projects across Nigeria in the next decade.

RED Training Centers will also provide educational outreach programmes for schools, colleges and universities to help prepare the next generation for the many jobs and opportunities that will be created in Nigeria's New Energy Economy.

The first RED Training Center is planned for Kaduna City, adjacent to Synergent's first Commercial Solar Farm which will begin construction in Q2 2011. Additional RED Centers will be built in each of the 36 states as quickly as Synergent can initiate local projects. Combined, they will form a nationwide network designed to strengthen both State and Federal renewable energy development.


Green by Design:

RED Training Centers will be built across Nigeria to training and support for technicians and small businesses ready to drive the New Energy Economy.

Each Training Center will be a showcase of green building and sustainable design approaches.