Current Projects

Synergent is committed to build over 5,000 MW of Renewable Energy Capacity in Nigeria over the next decade. Of this amount, a significant portion will be Solar PV and Concentrated Solar (CST) due to the readily available solar resource in all 36 states. These projects will include Wind and/or Waste Energy capacity to make the most of available renewable resources.

Synergent's First Commercial Project will be in Kaduna City, Kaduna State and will create a 50 MW Solar Development Corridor that will follow a "Master-Planned" Strategy helping to reduce the costs, complexities and timeframes typically associated with building solar projects one-at-a-time.

Synergent is also building a Community Microgrid Pilot in Abuja in order to certify a new platform of integrated technologies for broad-scale deployment across all 36 states. This Pilot will be followed by a full-scale, 1 MW Community Microgrid Project in Cross Rivers State as a model for the South-South region, and will expand into other States as quickly as we can initiate agreements.

Please contact us directly if you have an interest in learning more about our Current Projects.


Kaduna Corridor:

Synergent's first phase (50MW) of the Kaduna Solar Development Corridor will include a Training Center to support local entrepreneurs in driving future expansion.