Future Projects

As part of our Expansion Strategy, Synergent is planning the development of Renewable Energy Projects across all 36 States. Each State has a different mix of Renewable Energy Resources, and the first project in each state will serve as a model for optimisation and further development.

Solar Development Corridors:
Kano, Gombe, Bauchi (2011)

Sokoto, Katsina, Jos, Maiduguri (as permitted)

Waste Energy Hubs:
Lagos, Benin City, Port Harcourt (2011)

Abuja, Uyo, Calabar (as permitted)

Commercial Wind Centers:
Jos (2011)

Sokoto (as permitted)

Please contact us directly if you have an interest in becoming a Synergent Development Partner in your State.


New Energy Zones:

Nigeria's northern states offer the best solar resources, central states possess the best wind resources, and southern states draw the best hydro resources.

Future development across all 36 states will utilize the most abundant resources available.