Investing in Renewables

Renewable Energy represents a "Brave New World" for lenders and investors as it is governed by different mechanisms compared to conventional Power Sector investments. The primary difference is that renewable energy sources are "free" and non-depleting.

These characteristics create a new opportunity for lenders and investors to re-evalute the risks and rewards of investment. Every day the sun shines, both electricity and revenues are generated, which means debt-recovery and return-on-investment targets are simply a "matter of time", not circumstance.

With a new Feed-in-Tariff program emerging to provide incentives for investment, there is no better time to invest in the future of Nigeria. Long-term, consistent and guaranteed production combined with some of the highest PPA rates in the world make Nigeria one of the safest bets in the global energy marketplace.

Synergent Nigeria provides a unique investment vehicle for Nigerian partners, who have a direct and personal motivation for investing in National Growth. The value and rewards of Nigeria's renewable resources should remain largely in-country to increase the flow of capital within the Nigerian economy and help Nigeria become a driving force in the global economy.

Qualified Investors can contact us directly to learn more about Synergent's Local Investment Model.



Although the energy in the sun and the wind is hard to see with human eyes, the economic value of clean, abundant electricity is a tangible, bankable asset.

As the world continues to grow, it's demand for electricity will also rise, which creates a strong, dependable, and reliable long-term market for the electron as a commodity.