Commercial Energy Farms

Synergent's Smart Energy Solution for Industrial and Utility Partners is the development of Commercial Energy Farms that harvest renewable energy to boost the National Energy Supply in Nigeria.

Synergent builds Hybrid "Wind+Solar" and "Solar+Waste" Energy Farms to maximize the availability of all renewable resources and provide 24/7 Power Supply to the National Grid.

Commercial (MW+) Wind Farms are suitable in a number of specific locations within Nigeria, and have an estimated potential to add over 3,000 MW of generating capacity to the National Grid. For these projects, Synergent will deploy Solar PV Arrays in between the Wind Towers to maximize daytime solar resources and help balance out the intermittency of Wind-only generation.

But Nigeria's best resource is the Sun, and Synergent will develop over 5,000 MW of Solar Farms using both Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) technologies. To these projects in close proximity to population centers, Synergent will also integrate Waste Energy Plants that use next-generation Plasma Systems to convert Garbage, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Tires, Waste Oil and even Coal into clean electricity, ethanol or synthetic diesel.


Commercial Projects:

Wind+Solar Farms
Solar+Waste Plants

Combining Wind+Solar is
a smart way to make the most of renewable energy.