Residential Systems

Synergent's Smart Energy Solution for Homeowners and Small Businesses takes into account the wide-spread use of diesel generators for primary power generation in Nigeria. Synergent's Smart Energy System is grid-interactive and generator-interactive, helping customers make the most of their existing equipment.

A Smart Energy System (Wind+Solar+Storage) uses free energy from the Sun and the Wind to provide primary power to homes and small businesses. This clean electricity is stored in a Smart Battery Array to provide power when it's needed, anytime day or night.

When power is available from the grid, the system stores it for future use, and whenever usage is higher than stored energy supply, the system can automatically start a diesel generator for back-up power, without ever interrupting the power supply.

Customers can start with a small system (3 Microturbines and 12 Solar Panels) and measure how much energy they generate and use during each daily cycle. Adding more turbines and panels is simple and easy, and allows customers to minimize consumption of diesel fuel, while maintaining their generator for back-up power.


System Overview:

3-9 Microturbines
12-36 Solar Panels
Smart Inverter (6-18kW) Smart Storage (48V Array)
Smart Control System


Synergent's System is built around Xantrex's new XW Platform, designed for storage-centric renewable energy applications.